April 23, 2024

Karakia Ratapu

Sunday 9:00AM

Karakia Rātapu

A contemporary Māori Anglican service lead by Māori and spoken predominantly in Te reo to serve you and your whānau every Sunday at 9am. We are honoured to be able to pray for you, sing himene and songs of praise as well as korero about te Paipera Tapu and what the Holy Spirit is saying to you and I. We pray you and your whānau will be blessed as you tune in to listen.

Karakia Rātapu was borne from last years lockdown when there was concern that many of our whānau were unable to attend service. We reached out to Radio Waatea if we could have a programme to give comfort to our people during Covid 19 which is broadcast every Sunday from 9am. Join us by tuning in to 603am on your radio or by going to the website Waateanews.com

Mā te Atua koutou e manāki e tiaki I ngā wā katoa. Āmine.

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